Monday, August 28, 2017

Get Breathless for PH on Elevation 5,609.2 m

Representatives from the mountain society Kozuf from Gevgelija Karkalashev risto,Karajkova Ljubica,dr.Nikova Petranka.
Expedition from Republic of Macedonia spread our branded flag Get breathless for Pulmonary Hypertension at one of the highest peaks in the country Mount Damavand ( Elevation 5,609 m) Mount Damavand  a potentially active volcano,is a stratovolcano in Iran the Middle East.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Five years with Pulmonary Hyperetension

Five years of my new life.Will the Sprig have the same shine in my eyes?
Shall I be able to run on the beautiful green meadow?Shall I climb the mountain’s trials?
The dream and walk in the forest’s fairy tale …greenery…blossoms…. bird’s songs…forest’s grasses … Shall I bounce on the stones at the shallow river..
No not…that’s all a part from another life of Gjurgjica. That's a finished chapter.Do you believe that everything can change in one second only.All the dreams to fall on your head.And to be broken in million pieces like a nice crystal decoration.Period.....New life …. as  in a mirror a bad dream.

There will be no more running .No more hunting of the forest’s beauty. No play in the shallow rivers waters.There’s nothing, Nothing left.Almost five years live a life and struggle for breath.Why no one has ever told me that it is a luxury?Breathing is luxury.
Mom why you didn’t tell me?Why?If I knew I would save it like I saved as a kid to buy me new crayons.Now even the steps are luxury.Neither Daddy who has all the answers he remained caught.Five years ago my new life.
Pulmonary Hypertension.Until everybody is saying you lookingg great you simply know…
You cannot walk cannot run cannot dance all these are luxury which will cost you

Life…killing to all dreams. 
Keep living people you don't know what awaits you behind to door.
What a surprise ?Now I have different view on the World I know I am one of the rarest.

Very often I ask myself what whit I deserved this?Of course there’s always one because? But it’s too much for this heart (which has grown from the disease) to think. Into the right meaning of the word big heart which is struggling to pump and seeks power to pass every new day with full lungs travelling on the boat of its life. 
Gjurgica Kjaeva

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Handball players BREATHLESS FOR PH

Association for patients with pulmonary hypertension the campaign for raise the public awareness of existence of the rare diseases and pulmonary hypertension which is a chronic progressive incurable disease of the lungs and heart will mark with several activities throughout the course of May.

Although sometimes the desire for a "normal life '' (which is deprived because of the illness of these people) is too big they cannot have a healthy life, but it can be qualitative, if adjusted to the capabilities.In the spirit of sport and adrenaline euphoria after the race of 5 km players of Vardar and Metalurg proved to be worthy opponents and supporters of the rare diseases and PH.

The hosts and guests in branded shirts of PH launched and supported the campaign REMAIN BREATHLESS FOR THE INDIVIUDALS WITH PH on11.05.017, and the association was the guest of the hosts. Also as a sign appreciation for the given support the president of the Association Gjurgjica has delivered Certificates of Appreciation to the teams.

We witnessed fighting and energetic game with a lot of points and result which although brought Vardar another victory in this match winners were all who generously and proudly donned primarily the shirt of Pulmonary hypertension.
Although Vardar scored the first goal, a point plus which we noticed was a hug with the support and appreciation from Stojanche Stoilov and Philip Kuzmanovsky, hug and  a PH t-shirt as a gift to the audience from Timur Dibirov, most sincere applause from Arpad Sterbik. 

And certainly the thunderous shouting of the  Komitas who welcomed the coming out of Gjurgjica to the ground and all the team members of Vardar and Metalurg and the audience.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PH Angels

Angel without wings, came and went, You went to eternity and left the breathless days.  Went where angels live and I hope in the eternity has soothe your tortured soul. You left on this day, where there is no return and left a legacy to us who stayed to fight for every breath.

We sent three of You today, this day We dedicate to you even though you're not with us you will always be in our fragile hearts. We couldn’t save you, or help you more, but we can remember your struggle for life and as a dumb witness to continue the paths for a better morning.

A remembrance will remain, we were fighters in the same struggle, we lost battles they broke us but in your name and for those who remain and live life as saplings let’s make a better morning.

 My friends our PH Angels you flew away, you left, you lost the battle for breath, but we will not forget on You. Today, one year from the last battle, and every year a new battle and life without You.

                                        STAY AT THE STARS AND TAKE CARE OF US

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Ангели со ПХ

Ангелу без крилја, дојде и замина, замина во вечност и ги остави бездивните денови. Отиде каде ангелите што живеат се надевам во вечноста се смири твојата напатена душичка. На денешен ден замина, од каде нема повраток и ни остави аманет нас кои останавме да се бориме за секој нов здив.

Ве испративме тројца до денес, овој ден Ви го посветваме Вам иако не сте со нас секогаш ке сте во нашите кревки срца. Неможевме да ве сочуваме да Ви помогнеме повеќе, но можеме да се сеќаваме на Вашата борба за живот и како нем сведок да ги продолжиме патеките за подобро утро.

Едно сеќавање ќе остане бевме борци во иста борба, изгубивме битки не скршија но во Ваше име оние кои останаа и живеат живот ко фиданки да направиме подобро утро.

Мои пријатели наши ПХ АНГЕЛИ летнавте заминавте ја изгубивте борбата за здив, но не забораваме на Вас. Денес една година од последната битка, а секоја година нова битка и живот без Вас. 

Friday, April 28, 2017

I feel like Mermaid in Sky

I feel like Mermaid in Sky

……It is difficult to live as a mermaid in the sky.

 It is difficult to squished your pride and pronounce and admit to all I am sick.
 Very hard ...

Living at the bottom is hard and that living looks like: when a flower vegetate and waits it`s time for dying to come.
The spring was coming and my desire for life grew. Thanks to my sister, I scheduled one more detailed examination in a private clinic, where I was explained about the seriousness of the disease and care required for the same.
I started thinking to find somehow a way, to establish a contact with other patients and find out, which is the possibility to get essential medicines, at least cheaper.
I can`t work with PH illness, and I am without incomes. To get a pension is a long way. 
You should pass through 3(three) commissions, with bunch of documents, chronologically. One disability pension in the Republic of Macedonia is a 50-100 euro.
Despite the recommendations of my cardiologists, that the disease is permanent disability!
I made my own story, to capture the people how I feel.

I am Mermaid in Sky.
Once upon a time I was a woman.
Woman who was walking, climbing, singing, dancing…
Later came some bad horror weather I became mermaid.
Now, I`m mermaid.
The mermaid in the sky, I can`t walk any more, I can`t breathe anymore, because I need the sea.
I live in the sky. I`ll die if I don`t find the sea, that is my home now.
I need  oxygen .
Please give me the oxygen to live like a woman,
not lake a rare mermaid who is in the sky breathless.

Through online and through pictures, songs and positive thoughts I want to inform the people about about the Pulmonary Hypertension.
Now I have you and my dear friends, my hope is greater.

May God bless all people who help me to be alive.
Thank you to PH comunity ,.
Thank you to PH Europe.
Thank you to all facebook friends who have same struggle as me.
Now I am five year PH warrior .

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Кога си ЗДРАВ ништо не е битно . Викаат млад бил оној кој бил здрав...
Дали сакате да бидете здрави?
Секако одговорот е ДА.

Но кога некој друг одлучува и прави поместувања во природата со истражувања со една единствена цел –ПАРИ ,ЗЛАТО на сметка на здравјето на илјадици луѓе, на здравјето на нивните поколенија ,на соседството е тогаш не се бира како ќе се одбрани најсветото и тоа што го држи човештвото.
Сведоци сме на војни  ,на климатски војни ,на хемијски војни ... 
Многу луѓе ги имат осетено последиците од тоа.

И сега... сакаат да ни го земат и тоа што природата ни го дава. 
Синот божји ни подарува живот .
А некој човек/жена доаѓа тоа да го руши.
Нема да дозволиме Гевгелија да биде загадена, нема да дозволиме да луѓето во прегратката на Кожуф бидат болни.
Вака се живее без кислород.


Дали сакате сограѓани  мои да одгледувате деца со цевки.
Болеста не прашува .Но многу лесно може да се поттикне. 
Нашите Бели Дробови се Кожуф.

Како пациент ,како оснивач како претседател на здружението за ретката болест Белодробен (Пулмонален притисок ) заедно со нашите членови ја ПОДРЖУВАМЕ иницијативата и Референдумот ПРОТИВ РУДНИЦИТЕ НА СМРТТА.
Момент Плус е со Гевгелија
Затоа што ние знаеме како е да не можеш да дишеш.
Како е кога немаш доволно кислород.
Како е кога ќе ти помодрат усните од недостиг на кислород.

Како е кога ќе ти помодрат прстите.
Како е кога телото не функционира и едноставно се полни со вода .
Знаеме што значи КИСЛОРОД.

Да не дозволиме да нашите деца страдаат. Нашите поколенија.

Имам 38 години и веќе 5 години со вистински ПРЕДИЗВИК како да дишам.
ЗАЕДНО НА 23 АПРИЛ да гласаме ПРОТИВ рудниците на смртта .

Не ни треба злато ако немаме здравје.

Ѓургица Ќаева
Претседател на здружение:
Асоцијација за пулмонална Хипертензија 
*Момент Плус*-Гевгелија

Get Breathless for PH on Elevation 5,609.2 m

Representatives from the mountain society Kozuf from Gevgelija Karkalashev risto,Karajkova Ljubica,dr.Nikova Petranka. Expedition from R...